Literary Life is a nod to Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Biographia Literaria which poet and priest Malcolm Guite describes as “…an eclectic mix of autobiography, philosophical history, literary criticism, rambling anecdote, and radical new theology, all held together and threaded through with a constant witness to the power of the Logos, to the great analogy of language. At its heart is the idea that the cosmos is spoken into being by Mind, that nature is itself a kind of language, and that our own use of language is, therefore, a series of clues as to the meaning of both mind and cosmos. So the literary criticism and the theology are not separate and disparate parts of the book; they are the same thing.”

In October we will be joined by our friend, author Rachel Dodge as we read her wonderful book, Praying with Jane: 31 Days Through the Prayers of Jane Austen. In addition to this site, our closest friends from over 130 countries meet in our Facebook discussion group.

You can join us by clicking HERE.

Come.  Read with us as you live your Literary Life.




Rick Wilcox | Editor in Chief




T h e  S m a l l  S o c i e t y

cropped-61EC899B-C5BD-427F-AABB-7A455AD5F509-e1568285129679However little he may be fitted to teach others, he wishes to share his thoughts with those whom he feels congenial, but who are scattered far and wide in the world. By this means he wishes to reestablish his relation with his old friends, to continue it with new ones, and to gain in the younger generation still others for the remainder of his life. He wishes to spare youth the circuitous paths upon which he himself went astray, and while observing and utilizing the advantages of the present, to maintain the memory of his praiseworthy earlier efforts.

With this serious view, a small society has been brought together; may cheerfulness attend our undertakings, and time may show whither we are bound.



Karise Gililland

Karise has a  BA in English from Southern Methodist University and a Masters in Imaginative and Cultural Apologetics from Houston Baptist University. She consumes copious amounts of time (and coffee!) shuttling her teenagers to and fro, rescuing her cats from impending peril, and writing for An Unexpected Journal. She currently teaches the most amazing third-graders at a classical Christian school in Fort Worth.





Nicole Howe

Nicole is a writer, speaker, Bible study teacher, wife, and homeschooling mama to four kiddos. She serves as editor and regular contributor for the quarterly publication, An Unexpected Journal and holds a Masters Degree in Cultural Apologetics from Houston Baptist University, where she discovered the power of the imagination to restore awe and wonder to her floundering faith. Drawing deep insights from her ordinary experiences, Nicole is passionate about helping others discover the Truth, Goodness, and Beauty of Christ in broken and unlikely places. When she’s not devouring books, Nicole loves singing, pretending to be a chef, and performing Improv at her local theater. Her writing can be found at,, and


69352632_10157370813324098_6966011855428911104_nAnnie Nardon

Annie is a two-year C.S. Lewis Institute Fellow who is currently reading for her Master of Arts in Apologetics, Cultural Apologetics Emphasis, from Houston Baptist University. Annie researched, photographed, and wrote a historically accurate cookbook covering the time between A.D. 64 through the medieval age for Bright Ideas Press. She contributes and edits for the apologetics magazine An Unexpected Journal at (also available through Amazon). Her sonnets and stories have appeared on, Literary Life Book Club on Facebook, and at  She can be contacted at


Melissa Cain Travis

Melissa serves as Assistant Professor of Christian Apologetics at Houston Baptist University. She is the author of Science and the Mind of the Maker: What the Conversation Between Faith and Science Reveals About God (Harvest House, 2018) and is a contributor to the forthcoming book, The Story of the Cosmos (Harvest House, 2019). Her Ph.D. in humanities focused on the history and philosophy related to scientific and mathematical thought in the Western tradition and contemporary scholarship.


Glynn Young

Glynn Young

Glynn is the author of three novels, Dancing PriestA Light Shining, and the newly published Dancing King, and the non-fiction book Poetry at Work. He is also an editor at Tweetspeak Poetry..