No Crying Who Makes?

thomas-a-kempisApproach with trust, and draw near to the newborn child with love. For He shall not cast you off, nor drive you away, but freely He shall admit you, and show you His grace. Fear not the face of Him that wails in the manger; He is lamenting your sins, not His own pains. He comes to seek you, not to destroy. He comes to save you, not to judge. He comes to loose you, not to bind. He comes to suffer evils, not to inflict. He desires to deliver you, not to imprison.

Thomas à Kempis, from A Meditation on the Incarnation of Christ

My grandmother used to pat me on the head and say “You are so sweet when you are asleep.” I would smile, feeling complimented but not understanding that she was making a commentary on my wide awake behavior. It reminds me of the Christmas carol “Away in a Manger” because as a father of four I now know that the only time the baby Jesus wasn’t crying was when He was asleep on the hay.  When He woke up hungry it was a different song, my brothers and sisters.

Yes, Jesus wept as a baby and He wept throughout His life.  He was moved by hunger just like us, and His need for food was powerful enough to be one of Satan’s three temptations of the Lord in the wilderness.  Jesus lived in our earthly body, but His deepest hunger was for righteousness which simply means “setting things right.”

Isn’t that what you hunger for too?

IMG_0181Matthew 5:6

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.



What do you think?

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