A New Song by Gabrielle Guthrie

Gabrielle Guthrie

Someone once taught me a valuable skill. In times of trouble, always stop and ask yourself, ‘so what do I need in this situation?’ What do I need emotionally, spiritually, physically? Put your oxygen mask on first, or you won’t be of any help to the others.

There have been times of such chaos and confusion that I could not answer that question. I was so rattled and disconnected I could not identify a single need. “We have not because we ask not,” but sometimes we don’t even know what to ask for any more. Sometimes what we need is simply “more of Him and less of me,” as the saying goes. Often what we need is to simply set ourselves down and to breath Him in.

Not long ago, while dashing about, burdened by all the world’s cares, I prayed, a bit tongue in cheek, for a song, for a theme song, for some background music in my life that didn’t sound so much like the theme song to Jaws. I’ve lived in shark-infested waters for far too long, and the music from Jaws was starting to play in the back of my mind. Although somewhat comical, the theme song from Jaws was not cause for rejoicing.

I need a new song, Lord. I just need you. No sooner had I said it than I heard it on the radio, a new song, my song, the song my heart didn’t even know it needed. Toby Mac’s, I just need U. I snatched that song right up, received it, let it wash over me. What a perfect song for me.

You know how when you’re teenager, and your brain is all soft and mushy, and you hear a song, and it becomes your song, and immediately every word is yours, and snatches of those lyrics are now so deeply embedded in your soul, so implanted, someday you’ll be sitting on the porch at a rest home, still singing love songs and hits from the 70’s?

Science has a name for that, a well documented and observable window of opportunity within our teenage brains, where music slips in and touches our very soul, never to be forgotten again.

Well, science is wrong because I am 53 and now totally crushing on Toby Mac’s, I just need U. Praise the Lord; I’ve now lived long enough to become an embarrassment to my children. Mom! Turn that down! Mom, do you have to drive around with your windows down and the music on? Mom, this is like…rap??!

As if I did not just spend the last 30 years saying those very things, kissing the last vestiges of my pride away, enduring the shame, wringing my hands……

Revenge they say is a dish best served cold.

What can I say, I am simply without excuse. All I know is that I just need U.

When You pull me closer, I come to life
When You pull me closer, I come to life
When You pull me closer, I come to life
When You pull me closer, I come to life



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John 1:1

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Gabrielle Guthrie blogs about faith,culture, politics, and humor with an emphasis on biology because biology is all about life and life abundant.  Her popular blog my be found here https://insanitybytes2.wordpress.com

“So you see, there’s this thing called biology….”

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