The Other Side Of Silence

Walking On Water

Reflections on Faith & Art

Chapter 11

When I am writing, on the other side of silence, as it were, and I am interrupted, there is an incredible shock as I am shoved through the sound barrier, the light barrier, out of the real world and into what seems, at least for the first few moments, a less real world. The same thing is true in prayer, in meditation. For the disciplines of the creative process and Christian contemplation are almost identical.

~Madeline L’Engle

In Chapter 11, L’Engle talks about the difference between knowing deeply and knowing consciously. She argues that we tend to think of the word ”know” in a purely intellectual sense but that there are many things we know that cannot be intellectually defined. For example, “in the realm of faith I know far more than I can believe with my finite mind.”

What are some of the things you know deeply in this way? How do you know that your spouse or child or sibling or friend is being truthful about something? Has anyone ever said to you, “You know me better than I know myself!”? What do you think they mean by this? Do you think it is true, that we can know someone more deeply than they know themselves?








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