Feeding The Lake

Walking On Water

Reflections on Faith & Art

Chapter 12

To serve a work of art is almost identical with adoring the Master of the Universe in contemplative prayer. In contemplative prayer the saint (who knows himself to be a sinner, for none of us is whole, healed, and holy twenty-four hours a day) turns inwards in what is called “the prayer of the heart,” not to find self, but to lose self in order to be found.

~Madeline L’Engle

Here, in the final chapter, L’Engle says, “I am beginning to see that almost every definition I find of being a Christian is also a definition of being an artist.” Have you found this to be true in the course of your reading? Why do you think being a Christian and being an artist are so similar? Or, if you don’t agree, why do you think she is wrong?

L’Engle states that Peter “remembered how” to walk on water for “one brief, glorious moment” when Jesus called out to him on the lake. Do you believe that some part of your soul “remembers” how to walk on water? Have you ever felt as if you were walking on water? Do you want to?








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