The Heavenly Kingdom

In this portion of her prayer, Jane prays for the “safety and welfare” of her family and friends, asking God to keep them from “all material & lasting Evil of Body or Mind.” She also asks for the “assistance of [God’s] Holy Spirit” to conduct herself on earth and looks forward to “an Eternity of Happiness” with her family in God’s “Heavenly Kingdom.”

Jane prayed

More particularly do we pray for the safety and welfare of our own family & friends wheresoever dispersed, beseeching Thee to avert from them all material & lasting Evil of Body or Mind; & may we by the assistance of thy Holy Spirit so conduct ourselves on Earth as to secure an Eternity of Happiness with each other in thy Heavenly Kingdom.

Have you suffered the loss of a loved one or friend?


Dodge, Rachel. Praying with Jane: 31 Days through the Prayers of Jane Austen. Baker Publishing Group.

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