Our Father

Praying-with-Jane-cover-selection-e1526670754657We have come to the end of our study.  Below are the closing lines from each of Jane’s three prayers. With these words, Jane concludes her own prayers and leads into the Lord’s Prayer, which would have most likely been recited out loud, corporately. In these lines, Jane asks their “Almighty God” and “most merciful Father” to hear their prayers, “for His sake who has redeemed us,” referring to their “Blessed Saviour,” Jesus Christ, saying that it’s in his name and “Words” that they pray.

Jane prayed

Hear us Almighty God, for His sake who has redeemed us, & taught us thus to pray. Pardon Oh Lord! the imperfections of these our Prayers, & accept them through the mediation of our Blessed Saviour, in whose Holy Words, we further address thee. Grant this most merciful Father, for the sake of our Blessed Saviour in whose Holy Name & Words we further address Thee.


How have Jane’s faith and prayers inspired you?

Dodge, Rachel. Praying with Jane: 31 Days through the Prayers of Jane Austen. Baker Publishing Group.

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