Broken and Spilt Out by Barbara Greenwood

A trail of coffee drips from counter to floor,
the cup in pieces, the cookie in crumbles.
Broken and spilt.

I quickly get the broom and sponge
to hide away all traces of disorder and imperfection.
I make myself useful, Good Housekeepingly Successful.
I am restored back to my own sense of order.

At the cross, Lord, you were broken and spilt out.
If I had been there, would I have rushed in too quickly
to gather up the pieces before someone stepped on them and got hurt?
Would I have taken my sponge and wiped away
the stain of your blood upon the wood before it set,
before it could do its redeeming work?
Would I have waited in that moment of seeming chaos and despair
until you restored the world back to your sense of order?
Would I have realized that you were the exchange –
the stain of my sins absorbed by the stain of your blood?

Broken and spilt out.
Of all the stains, blood is the hardest to get out.


So This Is 60

Elton John sang of Marilyn Monroe, “I would have liked to have known you, but I was just a kid.” I didn’t know her either, but I clearly remember the day she died, because it was my third birthday, August 5, 1962. Of course, I didn’t know it then, but I do remember it clearly – mostly because I remember the joy.  What a stark and sad contrast to her August 5th when she took her life after 36 short years. Continue reading “So This Is 60”

Expressing the Inexpressible


Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung was born on this day, July 26th in 1875. A student of man as the image of God, Jung tells us we are more than the part of ourselves we can know about, and personal growth is always a journey of interiors. In our fallen world, our ability to perceive truth is present, but as scripture says, like seeing through a foggy window. Fortunately, we can learn from each other, and often our best teachers are the artists. Continue reading “Expressing the Inexpressible”