Almost A Mensch by David Gottlieb

imageSome men are born for their time, and countless others are blessed by it. Beyond instinctive foresight, the beacon of moral imperative and courage drives them into the heart of battle. David Gottlieb is such a man. Attendant to both the rebirth of the State of Israel and the sweeping sociological changes of the Civil Rights era, Dr. Gottlieb was no objective observer. Through the powerful combination of street smarts and raw intellectual horsepower, Gottlieb engaged the world first hand – from life in an early kibbutz to the evacuation of Holocaust survivors, he applied these learnings to President Johnson’s War on Poverty as a key leader with Sargent Shriver. While many would have relaxed in distinguished positions held at Harvard, the University of Houston and other renowned universities, Dr. Gottlieb has remained engaged in the shirtsleeve work of community leadership.

A mensch? Absolutely, but to my great fortune, also my mentor. His life story continues to resonate and inspire other young people to seize the challenges of their own time.

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