An Introduction to Biblical Ethics by David Jones

'Dr. Jones might be a young white man, but he writes like an old black preacher. I mean, this guy can pontificate! It’s fun to just randomly open the book and read a chapter. You are instantly on the front row with a funeral fan as the choir sways in the background.

Like this:

“A popular Christian approach to navigating moral dilemmas is conflicting absolutism , alternatively known as ideal absolutism, tragic morality, or a lesser- evil view of moral conflict. This position holds that there are many universal moral absolutes. As its name implies, this approach teaches that moral norms can and do come into real conflict both in theory and in practice. When such a clash of norms occurs, conflicting absolutism teaches that man must choose sinfully to break one of the moral norms in tension— hopefully opting for the lesser of two evils— and then repent and seek forgiveness.”

Well… Yes, yes preach it brother.

If this book is ever done as an audio book, Al Sharpton should narrate.

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