Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald

1512742_571352232943520_2135740490_nMy overall thoughts – I’m glad I read the book but I don’t see myself rereading it like Gatsby for instance. Fitzgerald is a master wordsmith but from a very early point, he tired me with the entanglement of his personal life with which he burdened his characters, and therefore his reader. I know he worked and reworked the novel all of his life and was himself never quite satisfied with it. None of this is to disparage its rightful place as a classic.

If anything it was a forerunner for depths that would later be better plumbed by Camus and Sarte, and it’s important to remember that he was also ever mindful of the popular marketability of his writing. Every time I wanted to cast aspersions at some trite remark or thin plot line, I reminded myself of his workmanlike ethics to produce and pay his bills.

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