The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks

1511666_585444904867586_591657345_nStorytelling is more art than science, but that is not to say there isn’t a recipe for the stew. The Longest Ride is aptly titled because Nicholas Sparks has been on it for a long time. His long list of books, are without exception melodramatic, formulaic and easily translatable into soap opera cinema. They also are vastly popular.

I was sad when I finished this one because Sparks is clearly better than this. He ably introduced me to a number of memorable characters and made me care about them, but in the end he cheated all of us out of anything that resonated with the layered complexity (and complicity) of real life. It all wraps up tidily with a pretty little bow.

Oh well. The man is stinkin rich and this book (and the movie) will add to the pile.

Good on you bro. Ride on.

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