Dancing Through The Fire by Malcolm Guite

Then stir my love in idleness to flame To find at last the free refining fire That guards the hidden garden whence I came. O do not kill, but quicken my desire, Better to spur me on than leave me cold. Not maimed I come to you, I come entire, Lit by the loves that […]

The Refining Fire by Dante

Over my suppliant hands entwined, I leaned just staring at the fire, imagining bodies of human beings and seen burn. And both my trusted guides now turned to me. And the Virgil spoke, to say: ‘My dearest son, here may be agony but never death. Remember this! Remember! And if I led you to safety […]

De Magistro by Malcolm Guite

I thank my God I have emerged at last, Blinking from Hell, to see these quiet stars, Bewildered by the shadows that I cast. You set me on this stair, in those rich hours Pacing your study, chanting poetry. The Word in you revealed his quickening powers, Removed the daily veil, and let me see, […]

Through The Gate by Malcolm Guite

Begin the song exactly where you are, For where you are contains where you have been And holds the vision of your final sphere. And do not fear the memory of sin; There is a light that heals, and, where it falls, Transfigures and redeems the darkest stain Into translucent colour. Loose the veils And […]

Meeting Virgil: ‘There Is Another Road’ by Dante

As I went, ruined, rushing to that low, there had, before my eyes, been offered one who seemed -long silent- to be faint and dry. Seeing him near in that great wilderness, to him I screamed my ‘miserere’: ‘Save me, whatever – shadow or truly man – you be.’ His answer came to me: ‘No […]