Books Promiscuously Read: Day 3

Emily Dickinson Tell all the truth but tell it slant — Success in Circuit lies Too bright for our infirm Delight The Truth’s superb surprise As Lightning to the Children eased With explanation kind The Truth must dazzle gradually Or every man be blind — Children are inquisitive and insatiable for knowledge.  This can be […]

To Time’s Analysis

  THE LILAC IS AN ANCIENT SHRUB Emily Dickinson The Lilac is an ancient Shrub But ancienter than that The Firmamental Lilac Opon the Hill Tonight— The Sun subsiding on his Course Bequeathes this final plant To Contemplation—not to Touch— The Flower of Occident. Of one Corolla is the West— The Calyx is the Earth— […]

Dreading the Holidays

At least—to pray—is left—is left— Oh Jesus—in the Air— I know not which thy chamber is— I’m knocking—everywhere— Thou settest Earthquake in the South— And Maelstrom, in the Sea— Say, Jesus Christ of Nazareth— Hast thou no arm for Me? Emily Dickinson, Poem 377 Autumn is just a few days away, and with it comes […]

The Seeker

One of the many mysteries of Emily Dickinson’s life is the exact nature of her religious and spiritual commitments. Much like her contemporary Herman Melville, Emily Dickinson apparently could neither believe nor be comfortable in her disbelief, as Nathaniel Hawthorne said about the author of Moby-Dick. In her letters, she often refers to herself as […]

Glory Is The Proof

You’ll know it—as you know ’tis Noon— By Glory— As you do the Sun— By Glory— As you will in Heaven— Know God the Father—and the Son. By intuition, Mightiest Things Assert themselves—and not by terms— “I’m Midnight”—need the Midnight say— “I’m Sunrise”—Need the Majesty? Omnipotence—had not a Tongue— His lisp—is Lightning—and the Sun— His […]

A Child’s Heart

Emily Dickinson Dew — is the Freshet in the Grass — ‘Tis many a tiny Mill Turns unperceived beneath our feet And Artisan lies still — We spy the Forests and the Hills The Tents to Nature’s Show Mistake the Outside for the in And mention what we saw. Could Commentators on the Sign Of […]