First Steps, Brancaster by Malcolm Guite

This is the day to leave the dark behind you Take the adventure, step beyond the hearth, Shake off at last the shackles that confined you, And find the courage for the forward path. You yearned for freedom through the long night watches, The day has come and you are free to choose, Now is […]

Zen Is Not Enough

from THE IMITATION OF CHRIST Thomas à Kempis He who learns to live the interior life and to take little account of outward things, does not seek special places or times to perform devout exercises. A spiritual man quickly recollects himself because he has never wasted his attention upon externals. No outside work, no business […]

To Time’s Analysis

  THE LILAC IS AN ANCIENT SHRUB Emily Dickinson The Lilac is an ancient Shrub But ancienter than that The Firmamental Lilac Opon the Hill Tonight— The Sun subsiding on his Course Bequeathes this final plant To Contemplation—not to Touch— The Flower of Occident. Of one Corolla is the West— The Calyx is the Earth— […]