Death As Birth by John Davies

The first life, in the mother’s womb is spent, Where she her nursing power doth only use; Where, when she finds defect of nourishment, She expels her body, and this world she views. This we call Birth; but if the child could speak, He Death would call it; and of Nature plain, That she would […]

The Light Which Makes The Light Which Makes The Day by John Davies

That Power which gave me eyes the World to view, To see my self infused an inward light, Whereby my soul, as by a mirror true, Of her own form may take a perfect sight, But as the sharpest eye discerneth nought, Except the sun-beams in the air doe shine: So the best soul with […]

What It Is To Be Human by John Davies

She within lists my ranging mind hath brought, That now beyond my self I list not go; My self am centre of my circling thought, Only my self I study, learn, and know. I know my body’s of so frail a kind, As force without, fevers within can kill: I know the heavenly nature of […]

Why Did My Parents Send Me To The Schools? by John Davies

Why did my parents send me to the Schools, That I with knowledge might enrich my mind? Since the desire to know first made men fools, And did corrupt the root of all mankind: Even so by tasting of that fruit forbid, Where they sought knowledge, they did error find; Ill they desir’d to know, […]