Distinguished By Your Scars by Rick Wilcox

In our hearts, we can name all of the ways we want to improve, each of the things we would love to change about ourselves and most of all, every source of pain from previous choices that have left their mark.

Let me tell you a story.

When I was a little boy, my grandfather took me to the tree in this photo. He told me about his own childhood when the tree was young and used as a fence post. The barbed wire was pulled tight across its bark and the holding nails pierced deep.

In most ways, that wasn’t different from any other fence post, but there was one big exception. The other posts were dead pieces of wood, but this was a living tree, bound and scarred with its roots still in the earth.

Many trees die when they are used like this, but over the years this tree accepted the wires and the nails and continued to grow. Decades later, the tree grew around the wires and finally overcame them.

Yes, the scars are still there, but the tree lives on – its scars bearing testimony to its endurance and love for life.

Here’s the best part.

There are hundreds of trees on the ranch, but this one stands unique. It is remarkable now, not in spite of its scars but because of them. It is a testimony to the strength of life and the power of God in its roots.

Resolve this:

“I will take my scars and turn them into a testimony of overcoming. I will live my life as I imagine it in my heart.”

Life is about growth.

Your scars distinguish you, because they are a sign of healing.

They are a testimony of hope that others will see, and by your life find hope as well.

That, my friend will bring you closer to God than you ever imagined, and you will become everything you long for in your noble heart.