FEBRUARY 1, 1798, SOMERSET FROM HER DIARY Dorothy Wordsworth The wind blew so keen in our faces that we felt ourselves inclined to seek the covert of the wood. There we had a warm shelter, gathered a burthen of rotten boughs blown down by the wind of the preceding night. The sun shone clear, but […]

Art & The Bible by Francis Schaeffer

Christians ought not to be threatened by fantasy and imagination. Great painting is not “photographic”: think of the Old Testament art commanded by God. There were blue pomegranates on the robes of the priest who went into the Holy of Holies. In nature there are no blue pomegranates. Christian artists do not need to be […]

My Heart In The Highlands

THE COTTER’S SATURDAY NIGHT ROBERT BURNS Then homeward all take off their several way; The youngling cottagers retire to rest; The parent-pair their secret homage pay, and proffer up to Heaven the warm request That he who stills the raven’s clam’rous nest And decks the lily fair in flowery pride, Would, in the way his […]

When Jesus Needed A Genius

Men who produce works of genius are not those who live in the most delicate atmosphere, whose conversation is the most brilliant or their culture the most extensive, but those who have had the power, ceasing suddenly to live only for themselves, to transform their personality into a sort of mirror, in such a way […]

Pain And Doubt

GRANDMOTHER’S HOUSE Holly Ordway Three hundred years and more this house has stood Along the gravelled road to Heald Pond, Its lawns and gardens neighbored by the woods. I knew it well. But decades now have gone And I have not returned. Till now. It seems To be an empty shell, a skeleton Just like […]

Zen Is Not Enough

from THE IMITATION OF CHRIST Thomas à Kempis He who learns to live the interior life and to take little account of outward things, does not seek special places or times to perform devout exercises. A spiritual man quickly recollects himself because he has never wasted his attention upon externals. No outside work, no business […]

Never Alone

Savior! I’ve no one else to tell— And so I trouble thee. I am the one forgot thee so— Dost thou remember me? Nor, for myself, I came so far— That were the little load— I brought thee the imperial Heart I had not strength to hold— The Heart I carried in my own— Till […]


A SUDDEN GOLDFINCH Holly Ordway The branch is bare and black against the fog; Cold droplets bead along the twigs, and fall. The hours are passing, ready to be gone, And now they’re past, dissolved, beyond recall, Beyond my reach. A sudden goldfinch clings And bends the twig so slightly with its weight It seems […]

The Twelfth Day Of Christmas

A SILENT PROMISE JAY EMERSON JOHNSON Light comes back as it always does just before Christmas Day like finding a treasured keepsake forgotten in attic recesses and I start to think about Hoovering up brittle evergreen needles, fingering the stubborn ones out from a wooly carpet’s fibers. Light comes back slowly tracing an ancient arc […]

Language And Metaphor

MAPS Holly Ordway Antique maps, with curlicues of ink As borders, framing what we know, like pages From a book of travelers’ tales: look, Here in the margin, tiny ships at sail. No-nonsense maps from family trips: each state Traced out in color-coded numbered highways, A web of roads with labeled city-dots Punctuating the route […]

The Testing Of God’s Sons by Gregory Smith

Dr. Greg Smith’s book The Testing of God’s Sons is clearly the work of both pastor and professor. Here we find a resource rich repository to be frequently revisited for insight to the gospel ministry. Beyond its academic value is the apparent spiritual maturation of an author whose experience bears out the truth of his work. The humanistic worldview so prevalent in its inward gaze for eternal answers has been expertly answered by one who hastens us to look to God, who so loves the world.

Creating Meaning

EVENSONG IN OXFORD ON ST. CECILIA’S DAY Holly Ordway “My soul doth magnify the Lord,” we sing, And offer back, in music’s common voice, The melody He made; the gift we bring Is wholly His—and so we dare rejoice With Mary’s words, entrusting her with all Our hopes and fears, to prism them to praise […]