I Was Blind…

Truth is never threatened by investigation.  Lean hard on her and she will not topple.  Shine light on her and her purity becomes more evident.  In an age of saturated fake news, our hearts despair and tilt toward cynicism, but our longing for Truth persists.

In Satire III by John Donne, we join the poet in his quest.  We also find great encouragement to know that God welcomes the doubts of an honest seeker.  As Malcolm Guite writes in The Word in the Wilderness:

The Church would do well to learn from this. The serious doubter, the sincere enquirer, the person who hesitates a long time on a threshold, these are all people to be honoured and encouraged, not, as is so often the case, either demonized or cajoled.

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Give this gift first…

I never really understood why Vincent van Gogh chopped off his ear until I found out he did it on December 23rd – two days before Christmas. Seems he was living with his old buddy Gauguin, and the two of them had been getting on pretty well until the holidays approached. Tensions rose and van Gogh (who was a bit of a drama queen anyway) threatened his friend with a knife – finally cutting off his own ear. Now I know it was just because he could no longer stand the sound of the man’s voice!

Holidays can bring out the worst of us. Stress is high and goodwill toward men is a challenge in the mall parking lot. Unfortunately, many times we are actually kinder to strangers than the ones we love most dearly. As we’re getting closer to Christmas day, take a moment to ask God for an extra measure of grace, and then give it away. That’s the gift your loved ones need today.

In Conclusion…

This post brings the Literary Life Book Club to a stopping point, at least for a while.  We will be on an indefinite hiatus beginning January 1st.  Our goal is to resume the club by the middle of the year.  It is “farewell” rather than “goodbye.”

As we cross from autumn to winter and from 2018 to 2019, we likewise thank our friend Karen Swallow Prior on the conclusion of our study of On Reading Well.  I know you will agree with me that the study of her beautiful book has both enriched and informed our lives.

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